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How a Mortgage Works

                    When you think of what the American dream embodies, oftentimes owning a home is first on the list. Since the 1930s, banks have offered home loans to qualified customers for the opportunity to purchase a home without the need to save the full purchase price...


Top Perks of Owning Your Own Home

                    Owning a home is a monumental achievement in life. Purchasing a home, however, can be quite the task. Afterall, to buy a home you have to have fairly good credit, save money for a down payment, apply for a mortgage with your mortgage professional in...


The Do’s & Dont’s of the Loan Process

Buying a home is a very exciting and somewhat overwhelming time. Everyone wants the experience to go as smoothly as possible. In order to help your mortgage broker in Omaha, Nebraska complete the loan process as quickly and efficiently as possible, take heed of the do’s and don’ts of the loan process. Do Pay your...


5 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Professional

Part of the home buying process for many people is to obtain financing from a mortgage lender. Many home buyers tend use the mortgage lender recommended by their real estate agent without doing any research.  Doing so doesn’t mean you’ll get the best interest rate or even a qualified professional that understands your loan needs....


Types of Mortgage Options

When it comes time to buy a house, figuring out the financing can be a confusing and overwhelming part of the process. But don’t worry, Steph the Mortgage Genie, your mortgage broker in Omaha, NE is here to assist you with all your mortgage questions. There are several popular mortgage options a majority of home...


Mortgage Education 101

Many clients think that the best way to shop a lender is by checking their rates.  The unfortunate reality of that is that cheaper is not better in the world of mortgages. I tell my clients to think of  a Mortgage Originator/Loan Officer like you would an Attorney.  If you were to be convicted of...

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