28 Aug 2017

Steph The Mortgage Genie – Your Trusted Mortgage Professional

I have over a decade of mortgage experience and with that I have had many unique situations that I have handled.  I pride myself on being knowledgeable for my clients, and keep myself up to date on any regulation or guideline changes.

I feel it is most important to be impeccable with my word and take the advice I give my clients very seriously.  I realize that while I may do this every day, my clients will only buy and live in a few homes in their lifetime.  That makes my job very important, and it is even more important that I am seen as a trusted mortgage professional along the way.

Having that person whom you feel knows the ropes will reduce your stress level during the mortgage process.  My team has combined experience of 30 + years in the industry and having clients for LIFE is our motto.  Oftentimes, we become friends with them during the process which is an added bonus!

Don’t take my word for it though, feel free to check out my Testimonials from real clients I have worked with personally.

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