Mortgage Expertise Overview

I have been in the mortgage industry for over 10+ years, with a portion of that experience being on the Operations side of the field. The reason that helps my clients and referral partners is that I understand all sides of the process and know the rules and regulations.

My dream job was always to be an attorney, and I feel I get to live my dream in an industry that I did not know correlated so well to the legal field.  Knowledge, along with my natural strong-willed “get it done” nature, helps my clients and business partners achieve what they never thought was possible.

My Passion: To provide partnerships for clients and Real Estate professionals on the financing end of buying a home. I am passionate about helping those that others say they can’t help. In the end I am able to help more and more people achieve the dream of home ownership.

My Mission: I will consistently treat all clients with respect and have compassion for their individual situation, regardless of their circumstances. Clients can feel they are in a non-judgmental environment where they can be given the proper advice for their situation. I will treat everyone how THEY want to be treated.

My Vision: To work with a team of mortgage professionals that function and interact in the real estate industry the way the San Antonio Spurs play basketball. There is a level of consistency, selflessness, loyalty, and unity which creates a fine-tuned machine of customer service. The team will all perform at a level that is congruent to the mission, and hold each other accountable. We will also strive for constant improvement, being coachable, and constantly move the benchmark to continue to move forward.

I have a wonderful husband, Tony, a handsome little boy named Brayden, 2 dogs, a stepdaughter named Katelyn, and stepson named Ethan, all who reside in the wonderful city of Omaha.

My core values are:  Authenticity, Excellence, and Unity.  I intend to live those values in my professional and personal life and bring value to each person I interact with.

Licensing Information

NMLS ID #843037
I am licensed to do business in the state of Nebraska.

Why Work With me?

I have considerable experience in getting my clients the mortgage that best fits their financing situation, and I work tirelessly to serve them all throughout the process. I’ll be your professional liaison as we walk through the complex world of mortgage financing.

Why Am I Different?

My clients tell me I am unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • Deep knowledge of mortgage complexities
  • Industry specialization
  • Heightened closing abilities
  • Extensive mortgage experience
  • Always available to clients
  • Expert negotiating abilities
  • Results based representation

My mission is to represent you and your mortgaging needs at a whole new level, and put my experience and expertise to work for you to accomplish your goals with ultimate precision and efficiency.

My vision is very singular: to do everything in my power and expertise, to make the mortgage process as pain free and rewarding as it can possibly be…FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY! I simply cannot do any less for my clients.

I am a strong believer in the family, being blessed beyond measure with a beautiful one of my own. And when I think about family, I think about the home…that comforting and secure place that we all desire to have;  a place where lifelong memories are built, where you can always come back to after a long hard day, and where the really important things in life make the most sense.

In fact it’s so important to me, that I’ve dedicated my professional career to the pursuit of helping others obtain a home of their own. Because the feeling that comes from helping others achieve this same dream, is priceless to me.